Monday, August 18, 2008

America's Next Top Model

This lovely lady shown below is Isis from New York City. Isis is going to be a contestant on America's Next Top Model. It's very exciting that a trangender girl made it this far in the competition. Let's give this girl our support. FOX news did a story about it where they were extremely rude and they talked about her like she was a freak. They should be reprimanded for this. But, focusing on the positive, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Isis comes out the winner! I'll try to feature her on the site as the show progresses. Go Isis!

Here is a video where they talk about her on Entertainment Tonight:

Here is another video of her for US Magazine where she talks.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Girls from Miss Tiffany 2008

Here are some pictures of select girls from this year's Miss Tiffany Pageant. For those of you that don't know, the Miss Tiffany Pageant is a beauty contest in Thailand, similar to Miss America, but all the contestants are ladyboys. Some of the most beautiful transgender women (or women period) compete in this pagent. The winner of the pagent will represent Thailand in the Miss Universal Queen pagent which features trans women from all over the planet. All of the women in the Miss Tiffany Pageant are incredibly beautiful. The girls below are just my personal favorites. I've included their English names and Thai names:

Pimwaran Watanakul พิมวรัญ วัฒนากูล น้องนิว

Pasarankorn Kemapitak พัสสรัลกร เขมาภิรักษ์ น้องพลอย

Pemika Siripataraglom เปมิกา ศิริภัทรกมล น้องรถเมล์

Natharat Suwanaleka ณัฐรัฐ สุวรรณเลขา น้องนัท

Warinee Kumpaipuen วาริณี คุ้มภัยเพื่อน น้องอ๊อปแอ๊ป

Pailin Denfahnapapol ไพลิน เด่นฟ้านภาพล น้องแบงค์

Kangsadal Wongdusadeekul กังสดาล วงศ์ดุษฎีกุล น้องโหน่ง

Banthita Pekasut บัณฑิตา เภกะสุต น้องแชมป์

Dolkamol Konthan ดลกมล คนธรรภ์ น้องกอล์ฟ

Stunning, aren't they? I'll be looking out for more pictures and videos of these gorgeous ladies. Finally, here is a video of the Miss Tiffany girls as they get ready for the pageant. Great video!