Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Liu Shi Han

Every now and then a girl comes who nearly knocks you off of your feet. Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another perfect girl out there, we are lucky to be introduced to the amazing, beautiful and brave Liu Shi Han from China. Liu Shi Han is a model and recently went public. Unfortunately, it was because someone was trying to out her against her will. In her own words:

"I just wanted to hide my identity and be an ordinary individual. But an anonymous person just wouldn’t let me go, making my privacy public and exposing to the media and public the fact that I can’t give birth to babies. Now, I admit it. No need to push me. I will slowly reveal the truth. I’d rather honestly face all this than allowing others to slander me.”

Why this person wanted to slander her is beyond me. Liu Shi Han is an exceptionally brave woman for going public and let's hope her modelling career continues to blossom. She exquisite, stunning and clearly smart. Let's enjoy these pictures of this pretty lady from China. Thanks to Fleming for bringing her to the blog's attention!