Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nong Poy, Star of Stage and Screen

The girl who started it all: Nong Poy, Treechada Petcharat. Back in August 2007, My Favorite Girls debuted with a series of posts on this phenomenal girl. Since then, she has been the most popular girl on the blog. Nong Poy is a star, a beacon of light for ladyboys and transgender women around the globe. Her stunning looks and breathtaking femininity have delighted the public and captured the attention of many admirers. 

It's wonderful to see that Nong Poy is still a successful actress and model; and a positive role model for transgender people everywhere.

Enjoy these pictures and videos below on one of our favorite girls, Nong Poy!
Wow she is a beautiful woman!

Below is a new music video starring Nong Poy. Watch the entire thing. She does a fantastic job and she looks more beautiful than ever!

A picture of her on a radio show

wow, what an amazing smooth, milky white body she has! And the picture with the kitty is adorable.

This commercial is amazing. It shows Nong Poy's amazing talents in front of the camera. Look at her beautiful smile and natural femininity. What a dream girl!

What a special treat to see Nong Poy with another one of the most beautiful ladyboys on the planet: Nong Film. Nong Film was also one of the first girls featured on the blog.

They look so cute together. It's very difficult to pick which one is prettier because they are both gorgeous.

Finally, here is a video where Nong Poy speaks to us in English!