Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Star: Choi Han Bit - Korean Supermodel

Special thanks to the anonymous commenter who spotted this absolutely stunning girl, Choi Han Bit. On a show called "Open Hall" on Korea's SBS channel, they are having a supermodel contest and this beautiful lady has made it to the finals. She is the only transgender woman in the contest. You can read the article here

Holy bajeesus, this girl is hot! I love when new young ladies make it into the spotlight. Let's hope she wins the contest. I'll try to post about it as much as I can. Readers, please try to find out more info about her and leave a comment with info.

Enjoy these pictures of her in the contest and elsewhere:

Here are some more pictures of her (which I'm unable to copy) and this may be her personal site or fan page (not sure) here

Here is a great video of Choi Han Bit with 7 minutes of highlights of just her. You can hear her talk, watch her dance and see her cry when she finds out she made it to the finals.

Harisu in bra commercial

This is a great commercial starring the lovely Harisu. In the video she walks around at night, in tall grass wearing just her bra from waist up. Man, she is hot. Enjoy!