Monday, September 12, 2011

Feminine Perfection: Liu Shi Han

I think it's time for another fabulous roundup of pictures of the beautiful Liu Shi Han. This girl is stunning and, arguably, the most beautiful girl ever seen on this site. Of course, we all have our personal tastes but she is undeniably attractive and every man's dream. Enjoy these images of this lovely, sexy and amazing young lady.

Here is she is in the center of this group of girls. She is the most beautiful one in the picture! She is more beautiful than the genetic girls!

Who is this lucky guy? She looks so natural next to a man. She was made to be a woman.

It's difficult not to have fantasies while looking at this picture. Sigh.

Oh my. Amazing girl licking a lollipop.

Wow, she is cute!

Such a stunning shot of her in the tub, her hair wet...

She has such feminine bone structure. She's perfect!

She has the sexiest legs and such a slender body.

Here she is again outshining the genetic girls!

love this short skirt on her!

She has the cutest face. What a smile.

I think it's safe to say that Liu Shi Han is the sexiest ladyboy in the world! If anyone knows anything else about her, let me know!