Monday, March 3, 2008

Mystery Girls

I've decided to focus this page on beautiful girls whose names are unknown to me. If anyone knows the names of these lovely ladies, please let me know.

The main dancer in this video is so sexy. I don't know her name. Also, the girl with the pink shirt is cute, too....ok, they are all cute. (except the boy dancers) :)

Here is another girl from Pataya. She is so hot

Ayana Tsubaki

I love this girl. There are not many pictures of her available, but I found this cool video of her modeling. She really is a natural. And her voice is so feminine!

Coco Video: extended version

Hi everyone! Long time no see! Here is the video of Coco again but this is a longer version. We get to gawk at her beauty longer in this video :)

Nok Sasha videos

in a commercial:

acting in a television show: