Monday, January 28, 2008

Harisu commercial

Here is a commercial of Harisu doing a sock commercial. The clothes are a bit silly but, as usual, she looks awesome.

Nong Poy in the media!

Lots of updates on Nong Poy (Treechada Petcharat) today. For the regular viewers of the blog, I hope you enjoy her beauty as much as I do.

I'm not sure what this is, but it appears to be a photoshoot that Nong Poy did for a skin care ad. She really has amazing, feminine skin.

Here, Nong Poy is in a speed-dating television show hosted by Mabelline. She's getting lots of attention! Hopefully, people in the U.S. will notice here soon!


Tons of Nong Poy pictures!

The following photos show you the many looks and styles of Nong Poy. She is a beautiful lady and I hope all the web visitors enjoy these pictures!

Here is Nong Poy wearing black!

And here she is wearing blue!

Here she is again in another adorable outfit.

Now, here she is in a revealing red!

and, of course, in pink!

here she is wearing green!

This picture below shows Nong Poy with her friend, Ratravee Jiraprapakul (another one of my favorite girls!)

Here are some more miscellaneous shots of the young beauty.


Here are some non-studio shots in a more candid environment.

Here she is again with the beautiful Ratravee Jiraprapakul.

I really like pictures like this one below the best: natural, feminine and down-to-earth.