Friday, May 28, 2010

Spanky Girls

This is another transgender band but this time a group of Japanese newhalfs. The song is pretty bad but the ladies are lovely.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kim Petras to attend Comet Awards in Germany

Check out this video HERE where Kim Petras talks about her new song and her invitation to the Comet awards in Germany. My goodness, this young lady is gorgeous. Her voice is incredible and she is undoubtably female.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miss Tiffany 2010

It seems like every year transgender women get more an more beautiful and this year's Miss Tiffany Universe lineup only proves that to be true. These are the finalists in this year's contest. As you can see, they are all incredibly gorgeous, sexy ladies.

The winner of this year's pagent is 19 year old Nalada Thamthanakorn pictured below (#26).
Let's hope we get to see more of this young beauty and the other girls as well.

Don't miss the videos of the preliminary round in this post. Also, I've included a short clip of my favorite section, the swimsuit session, that will blow your mind.

Here is a video of the preliminary lineup of the girls in their traditional cute white tees and shorts. So many perfect girls! How do they choose?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nong Poy in new Thai Film "With Love"

I'd like to apologize to my readers that I haven't posted in a while. There have been important things in life that I needed to focus on. I'm happy to report that my postings are back and I'm excited to bring you updates of the most beautiful women on the planet. Ladyboy lovers, trans admirerers and positive supporters of these super-strong amazing women, you'll be pleased to see updates on your favorite girls as well as some new ones.

For starters, the lovely Nong Poy is in a Thai romantic drama called "With Love". It's probably not a blockbuster but it's good to see a trans woman in a role like this.

Below are ads and a trailer for the film.