Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kim Petras on The Insider

The beautiful Kim Petras is hitting major news in the United States. The Insider recently did a story on her. Wow, she is amazing. So beautiful, feminine and perfect. Let's hope the media continues to show transgender women in such a positive light.

Here are 2 more videos from Kim's YouTube page. Kim, if you read this, thanks for posting your videos. You have a lot of fans over at this blog :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Harisu opening trans bar in Korea

Gorgeous Harisu is opening a trans-themed bar in Seoul called "Mix Trans". Sounds really interesting and Harisu is intent on making the club a popular tourist spot for all visitors. Here is an advertisement for the club and a few extra images of Harisu for you to drool over :)

Sorrawee Nattee, Nong Bell and Nong Nut are Miss Tiffany winners

I meant to post this weeks ago but I've been extremely busy.

For those that haven't heard yet, Sorrawee Nattee (Thai: สรวีย์ นัดทีิ์ แจส) won the 2009 Miss Tiffany Pageant. She is pictured below, center.

The first runner up was Wirithorn Norapatpimol (Nong Bell). The second runner up was Napusawan Chonakorn (Nong Nut), 21.

Here are more pictures of the winners below.