Monday, January 7, 2008

Nong Poy videos

This is a video starring Nong Poy. The song is by a band called Doo Ba Doo and it is very cute. The song is called Moo-Chai-Poo-Chai (I'm not a Guy). Nong Poy is the girl in the blue-green outfit...though, I could just say that she is the most beautiful girl in the video and you'd recognize her :)

And, here is another Doo Ba Doo video that she stars in. The quality is not as good but, when a better one comes out, I'll post it.

Here is a video of Nong Poy and Nok (from Venus Flytrap) on a talk show. In the video they model and show their exquisite beauty. Check it out:

And another, shorter video. Both ladies look amazing here. Nong Poy is so adorable.

Here she is again in a silly show. I don't understand what they are talking about so if anyone knows, let me know! She is the girl in the pink.

And, another video of her being interviewed in a talk show. She wears the blue and, as usual, she is stunning.

This video is great because after watching beautiful asian girls dancing, at the end Nong Poy enters and she is the most beautiful of them all. She enters in the end in a red dress with her Miss Tiffany crown. She is stunning.

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