Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Coco!

Ok guys, the moment you've been waiting for: pictures from the smoking hot, Coco from Japan!

This beauty recently celebrated her 23rd birthday!

Coco is one of the most beautiful ladies we've ever seen on the site. She's has a naturally feminine face, an incredibly sexy body that any genetic woman would be jealous of and she may be the best-dressed ladyboy on the planet. She has an incredible sense of style.

Coco has beautiful eyes, long silky hair and smooth milky skin. What a dream girl!

It's certainly a pleasure to hear that she is still a successful model in Japan. Read more about her (if you know Japanese) on her blog.

Keep checking back for upcoming pictures of new girls never seen on My Favorite Girls. But, for now, feast your eyes on the wonderful Coco!

oh my goodness she is beautiful! I wonder what music she is listening to...

looking adorable with a headband
modeling flowers with her hair done so pretty

 in a swim suit and a tan!

 Classy Coco

 Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes?

even without makeup she is feminine and perfect

 self portrait in the dressing room. She seriously has the sexiest legs in the universe!

a beautiful, perfect girl.


Cally said...

She amazingly pretty. Are you sure she is transgendered?

Keep on blogging!

My Favorite Girls said...

Hi Cally,
Yes, I'm positive she is. She really is a superstar!

Thanks for reading. Glad you are enjoying the blog. I'm going to have some new pictures of Nong Poy in the next week along with some new girls.

george said...

Happy 23rd birthday Coco! You have the sexiest legs I have ever seen!That is one great bikini and tan photo you are posing in! You go girl[woman]!

Anonymous said...

Coco, that is one good bikini and tan photo you have posted and you have the sexiest legs I have ever seen. We both know you're a woman. Just be true to yourself and alwlays love yourself.